Sunday, August 8, 2010

[mecha] Schpeltor

This is the Work Shop Cast 1/100 resin kit of Schpeltor from Five Star Stories. The build up for this kit is here.

This was a commissioned build and my first mecha build. It was mostly the same process, but prepping was a little more difficult as the angles and hard edges of the mechanical pieces need more care when sanding. I found it very challenging, with so many pieces and being fairly large, but it was worth the effort. Makes me want to build an FSS kit for myself, I never followed the series, but I do like the designs.

Re-imported all the photos with the correct white balance and they look much better now.

Medium: airbrushed acrylics on resin. Scale: 1/100 @ 28cm. 19 photos in this set.


gundamjehutykai said...

oh wow! So it's finally finished! glad to see that like the design. I finished my Knight of Gold earlier this year and have another one waiting to be built eventually. The Schelptor is a pretty good design but my favourites are the Knight of Gold, LED mirage, Empress of flame and Yen Xing!
The Jagd mirage is good too but the price of one is astronomical!

peto said...

I actually bought an Empress of Flame and will be building it soon. Maybe will try a Knight of Gold if I can find one.

kaien said...

woo woo. it looks gorgeous :)
i look forward to seeing pictures of your MH Empress. If you need ref pics for Empress, let me know. I have quite a few FSS books *coff*

i've actually seen a 1:100 scale Jagd built including the 2 full buster launchers. it's pretty impressive (and HUGE)

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