Saturday, September 4, 2010

[wip] Pinky Archer & Rin

[ 02.17.09 ]
I've started working on these pinky resin kits of Archer and Rin to give Saber some company. They're characters from Fate/Stay Night, but these two come from a different sculptor. I really like the Archer pose, though there's something about the Rin that bothers me, but I can't quite pin-point what it is yet.

Anyway, these parts have been washed, pinned and some putty applied. Rin's cheeks don't have the typical pinky dots, so will need some work to see if I can fix it. Maybe that's what's bugging me about her. Still looking around for reference material to see how I should paint them.

[ 03.15.09 ]
I did this a while ago but forgot to update this post. Here's Rin's face with the dots sculpted onto the cheeks, but I'm going to leave Archer's face without. The eyes were painted while I was painting Mikuru's eyes. They're done in flat tones for a more pinky style face rather than mixed like I do with the regular kits.

I've started painting some of the other parts, but still haven't got a hang of how to schedule the painting with multiple kits. Right now, I'm just doing them in batches, so similar colors get painted together, but it just feels like I'm doing one big kit instead of making better use of time. :P

[ 08.20.10 ]
Yes, some progress on these guys. I think I have to focus on finishing them up or they'll never get done. ^^;;;

Archer's legs have some putty work that need to be done where the resin was not cast properly and I didn't notice it until late - that's why it wasn't painted in this batch although it shares the same colors.

And my jar of flesh tone has completely dried out over the past year so I need to mix more. I had already sprayed the faces before I stopped working on them, so there might (likely) be a mismatch in the tone, but luckily it is just the "hands" and Rin's thighs that need the color. I think it should be ok.

[ 08.27.10 ]
Got around to painting the base coats for all the red parts, as well as a base coat for Archer's legs after doing some putty work on it. Ended up making some new rivets for a couple of the straps that were deformed.

And some shading work I tried doing with the HP-C+. I'm not happy with it, there's too much spatter and little of the smooth fade you see in my previous kits. I kept wishing there was a mac valve on it and there's not fine enough control at the regulator.

[ 09.04.10 ]

[RANT] I absolutely *HATE* the new blogspot post editor. It screws up all the span tags and spacing in the compose view and you can't insert images in the HTML view. It is extremely painful now to extend posts, and I give up on trying to get it right. Thank you Google.[/RANT]

Anyway, I have the legs masked and the silver parts painted and some new flesh tone painted.

With most of the detail work done, there is just some cleanup left to do and to figure out how to paint the daggers. The parts aren't very detailed, so I don't know if they will look anything like they are supposed to, but I am looking for reference material on what they look like anyway.

That'll be the last of it except for final finishes and assembly, they should be done this weekend and move on to something new.

[ complete ]

Finished photos can be found here.

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